Friday, June 16, 2006

Stanford's Foresight Center

I'm inspired in part by Bill Cockayne's new project: the Stanford Center for Critical Foresight. He's providing a new found legitimacy for futures oriented thinking from a critical perspective at a premier university. Yea! Here's the site:

The Ten Year Newscast

One of the many projects the Media Futures Group will start is called the Ten Year Foresight Newscast. What will the headline of future news proclaim? Find out from the perspective of our students specializing in imagining the organizational and product innovations for the year 2016 in the form of a New York Times style front page. Why wait for the news to happen? Let's invent it!

2016 will arrive in Fall 2006 as a project in Communicaton 4840: Organizational Communication.

Inaugural Debut!

This is the inaugural debut of a project started to coincide with the launching of our Digital Media Center. This will serve as a forum to showcase future scenario thinking from the college perspective. Think of us as a thinktank and collaborative consulting group dedicated to understanding how communication will change in the 21st century.

Earlier examples of our work can be found at: